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Home Security Monitoring
Rates Start at $24.99 Monthly

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interactive Home Automation

With Full Access anywhere, anytime to your home alarm system, thermostats, door locks, lighting, appliances and video surveillance, you can always be in control ! Ask about one of our interactive home packages.

Smarter Home Security

Access to your home alarm, door locks and security cameras anywhere, anytime. With our remote management, interactive home you will have all the tools to manage your home against loss or intrusion. With the support of a local Texas based home security company.

Security Cameras

With the ability to view your cameras anywhere, anytime and have the choice for onsite or remote recording. You will not miss a beat keeping up with what is going on at your home at all times!

Energy Management

In a ever so fast moving economy these days we have to monitor every penny going in and out of our household. With our gold and platinum interactive home packages, we can help control the amount you expend on your utility bills monthly.

Basic monitoring packages starting at $24.99 monthly !

Whatever your budget small or large, we will be sure to make sure you have the best package to fit you lifestyle. We also offer a price match* guarantee with any established alarm company !




ADT$99$33.99$44.99$49.99$6.0036 MONTHS
iSecure 247Free$24.99$34.99$34.99FREE36 MONTHS
Vivint$199N/A$49.99$54.99?5 YEARS


* Information used in comparison was collected July 2013 with online and telephone research. Prices are based on total out of pocket expense. Monitoring rates include extended service plan or lifetime warranty.

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14836455-headset-symbol-man-headset-call-center-icon-face-with-headset-support-phone-operator-in-headset-man-Monitoring for iSecure 247 is provided by the nations second-largest residential alarm response center, our monitoring center delivers award-winning service to 1 million plus homes and businesses 24/7, 365.

Our alarm response center is Five Diamond Certified and provides reliable and uninterrupted security monitoring for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. The alarm response center has proven to meet or exceed all UL, National Fire Protection Association, and Central Station Alarm Association standards.

Our alarm response center is known for its reputation as an industry leader in alarm monitoring, security services and life safety. They have been the 3 time winner of Frost & Sullivan Alarm Monitoring Company of the Year and Consumers' Choice Award® for excellence in business and customer service.

The FBI Reported that in the 2011-2012 fiscal year that the statistics are as follows. This information was provided by the FBI Uniform Crime Index       12crimeclock

600px-Information_icon4 Start Simple

  • Use timers on you light or you can tie them in with you home security system using the light modules or switches. ( ask when you call for quote)
  • Turn the ringer down or off on your phones when you are not at home, so they cannot be heard from the outside.
  • Make sure to keep you lawn in order when you are going to be gone for a long period of time.
  • Ask you neighbor to store your deliveries, mail and newspapers, so they do not stack up or a burglar notices you have stopped getting them.
  • Park you car in the garage when you are at home, so no one notices a pattern.
Do not Make it easy
  • Do not leave windows or doors opened or unlocked.
  • Use solid doors with good quality deadbolts with a ANSI Grade 1 Rating (So it will deter them from kicking in you door).
  • Windows should be tied in with you home security system and have operable locks.
  • Invest in windows stops.
  • Use a metal rod or 2 x 4 in the track of you sliding glass doors.
  • Never leave a ladder around that could give a intruder to the second floor.
Make sure there is no where the burglar can hide
  • Trim all trees and shrubs regularly.
  • Make sure to have adequate lighting on the outside of you home.
  • Use motion detected lighting, if lights come on the burglar is less likely to try to breech the premise.
Install a home security system
  • Make sure to post your yard sign and stickers, this is a deterrent in its own.
  • Make sure all your windows are covered.
  • Add glass break and motion detectors as a secondary means of protection.
  • Never write down security code.
  • Make sure to change you verbal security code to something only you will know.